13 Exciting Other Activities on Lake Lanier

Zipline OVER Lake Lanier at Margaritaville at Lanier Islands Water Park

We’ve detailed many of the most popular Lake Lanier activities in preceding chapters.  In this chapter, we’ll provide a listing of some of the other thrilling activities you might like to try during your visit to Lake Lanier.  How does heading up in the sky for a bird’s eye view of the lake sound?  Or, what about ziplining OVER Lake Lanier?

Aquacycle Rentals

Don Carter State Park has aquacycles seasonally available.  Make your reservation at the Visitor’s Center inside the park.  Aquacycles are kept at the park’s beach.  Rentals are for 30 minutes or for 1 hour.

Biplane Rides

Biplane Rides Over Atlanta offers a one-hour Lake Lanier tour.  Prices, which are subject to change, are $375 for one person and $435 for two people.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Balloons Over Georgia offers scenic Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Lake Lanier area. Prices start at $250, subject to change.

Hunting on Lake Lanier

Hunting is very restricted around Lake Lanier.  However, here is what’s permitted:

Canada goose and teal hunting is allowed on Lake Lanier:

  • The season for Lake Lanier is generally in September
  • If you have the correct permit, the hunting of these waterfowl is allowed on the lake.  There are restricted areas though.  You may not hunt these waterfowl:
    • Within 1000 feet of any dock, house, bridge, road, boat ramp, marina etc.
    • In Bald Ridge Creek, Shoal Creek and any area south of Lake Lanier Islands.

During November and December some hunting of deer and feral hogs is allowed on islands in the lake.

You need a license to hunt on Lake Lanier.  In order to get a hunting license, those ages 16 and older will need to complete a hunting education course.  Residents may sign up for online or classroom courses at gohuntgeorgia.com or by calling 1-800-366-2661.

Once you have taken the hunting education course, you can get a license one of three ways:

Visit the http://georgiawildlife.com/licenses-permits-passes for more information and a detailed listing of the various licenses and fees.  You can also contact the DNR Wildlife Resources Division office in Gainesville at (770) 535-5498 or visit http://georgiawildlife.com/.


While visiting the Water Park at Margaritaville at Lanier Islands, enjoy flying across the lake on the Thunderbolt Triple Zip!



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